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Both of us were born and brought up in the beautiful southern state of Kerala, India. We got married on May 8, 1994, on a nice rainy day at our local church.

Our first child Rebecca Sara John was born in 1999. Check out Rebecca's page. And a few of babyshower pictures.

Our second daughter Leah Ann John was born in 2003. Check out Leah's page.

We live in Fremont, California, USA. Both of us work in the computer industry, and the heart of the Silicon Valley is obviously the right place to be in. We bought our first home few years back. Some snaps here

Here is our family at the beginning of the 21st century.


It sure is getting tough to get a domain name. We wanted a name that reflects our roots, our homeland and we finally settled on "kairali". It is a malayalam word meaning from Kerala. Kerala is our native state, and most of our family still live there. It is a small state, tucked away in the south west corner of India. It is a beautiful place, a land of rivers and backwaters and lots of vegetation - especially coconut trees. No wonder, we have very fond memories of the place and the people there and we miss 'em both.

Some photos of our homeland

Family and Friends

Families pictures here .

Snapshots and websites of some of our friends here .


Over the past ten plus years, we've traveled quite a lot and visited some great locations. Mostly within the US and a bit of Europe. Check out photos and some more.


We've had some fun trips, hikes and other (mis)adventures over the years. Read about them here

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