We stayed at the Sheraton resort, situated right at the legendary Black Rock of Kanaapali. Great location, excellent snorkeling right off the beach and other fun activities like parasailing. The resort itself was great - awesome food (don't miss the breakfast buffet!), a fresh water swimming lagoon (they're not called swimming pools for a reason!) and acres of beautiful garden.

After spending the first day relaxing and getting into the 'Aloha' spirit, we set off the next day to explore the island, cruising south down to the beaches at Wailea, then driving to the lush green and wet Iao Valley State Park . Reminded us of our home town, back in India.

The next day, we drove up Haleakala National Park , a long and windy road up the volcanic mountain and beyond the clouds. The change in scenery, from the green meadows and trees at the base to the brown barren landscape at the top is quite unique. Also uniquely interesting are the downhill bike tours - 38 miles of downhill biking with only 400 yards of actual pedalling. Didn't do it this time, maybe next time.

In Maui, one must experience the treasures of the underwater, and so I went snorkeling at Molokini - one of Hawaii's top dive sites. Molokini is a crescent shaped volcanic island, with a lush reef area at the center. The pristine waters are home to about 250 species of fish. I took the early morning half-day snorkel tour. Luckily, it was a beautiful morning, the waters were calm, and I spent a most wonderful 2.5 hours at the reef. And on the way back, we were accompanied by a school of frolicking dolphins. Awesome ;) Here are some underwater pictures .

Other fun activities included parasailing - the view sure is interesting from 400 feet up!; the luau at the Hyatt- awesome show, and Rebecca and Ciny got to dance onstage;) and the countless hours spent in and around the hotel swimming pools .

That one week sure passed by fast.